In today’s generation, it is not natural for a guy to fall in love with a girl, knowing already that she might not love him back in return. The feel and joy of being in one-sided love is unique and incomparable, compared to other love stories where a guy gets reunited with the girl of his life; that’s the end of the story. But in this case, the result may not be the same as there is no guarantee of being reunited with their lover in such cases.

One-sided love generally occurs during the first love story where one has no control over his feelings and emotions. The reason behind this is probably due to the lack of experience and knowledge that a guy possesses about dealing with a girl’s emotions and behavior which is completely different than that of a guy. The way how the mind of a guy works is always going to be different than that of a girl. So the only way for a guy to know about a girl is by going through some serious trauma where he must be driven to complete insanity to realize the true meaning of love.

During the first stage of one-sided love, the guy has got no clue about what it means to love and be loved. He does not even realize that he has fallen for a girl who used to be her friend a day before. Thinking about all the memories that he shared with her, he can’t stop smiling in front of everybody even if that guy happens to be at a dinner party or among the circle of his family friends. For others, he may look insane but it does not bother him at all as his heart has traveled to some other world where the world can’t reach him nomore.

The guy starts to develop a very intense feeling for this girl. When he meets her, he can’t stop looking at her eyes while she is talking to him. He does not want this conversation between them to end. All he wants is to be closer to her as best as possible as he can’t shake this fear of separation. He knows in the real world that she can only be his friend and nothing more but deep within his heart, he desires for her to be more than that. When he is alone and remembers her, he starts to smile and the very next moment, when he starts to think about their moment of separation because of her rejection for his love proposal, he feels like crying.

When the morning begins, he becomes eager to meet her so much that he forgets about what his mother has cooked for him. When he finally gets to meet her, he gets the feeling like as if he has got the whole world with him. The sparkle in her eyes makes him forget about all his worries and the guy starts to enjoy every moment that he spends with her. When she leaves for her home, he calls her back to see if she has reached her home safely. After dinner, he goes to the rooftop and calls her as he can’t resist calling her again and again. The night has turned into day but the guy does not mind at all as the joy that he gets by talking to her is countless.

In the second stage of one-sided love, the guy becomes sure about his love for this girl of his. A sense of responsibility and protection takes over his heart. The guy is ready to fight for this girl and ready to go to any lengths to get her. He realizes that all the feelings that he has created within his heart for the girl he has started to fall in love with are his true feelings. The joy and happiness that he used to get just by talking and seeing her are not going to be enough to satisfy his hungry heart anymore as it has taken the form of a black hole, demanding more time and attention from that girl than he was getting before. Just a part of her is not going to be enough for him to satisfy his hunger now. He feels like sucking every bit of her and become a whole with her for eternity. Without her, he can see no meaning in his life anymore.

Now the third stage of one-sided love begins, which is all about pain and suffering. In this stage, the guy has completely changed his personality from better to worse. The guy who always used to joke and smile in front of everybody appears to look more gloomy and pale than ever before. He has lost interest in all his hobbies. Even the favorite dish that he used to die for has got no taste in it. The reason that he has started to act like this is because he has not proposed to this girl yet. The only way to know if she feels the same way about him is by proposing her but he is too afraid to do that. The reason is simple. In case she rejects his love proposal, he is not going to lose her only as his life partner but as his friend too.

Before proposing to the girl, he was at least able to talk to her and see her. But what is going to happen when he is going to propose to her? Is she going to accept his love proposal? If not, will she start to avoid him? Even if she is not going to accept his proposal but instead tell him that they can still be good friends, will this be enough for him to keep on living his life only as her best friend while she goes with some other guy to live her life? Is her friendship with him is going to be enough for him to spent his whole life without her presence being by his side to guide him?

All these questions, boiling in his heart but with no answer left for him to silence his soul from breaking apart starts to drive him insane. He completely starts to reject the world and everyone around him. He rather enjoys being alone than sitting among people. As a last resort to silence his broken heart, the guy begins to listen to some heartbreaking and soulful songs, literally taking him to the outer world of imagination.

Finally, the guy has reached the fourth stage of his one-sided love story all by himself. In this stage, he is completely powerless, ruthless and helpless and is left with no choice but to accept his fate. This time, he is pretty sure what he needs to do to get her. He must confess to her no matter what the consequence. So with all his guts, he dares to confess his feelings that he has for her, not knowing what her answer will be in return. Will she accept his proposal or will she reject it? If she accepts, this one-sided love will be both-sided and our guy will live the rest of his life with that girl as happy as ever. At least that is what I would hope for him. If not, then there is going to be another article of mine dedicated for this guy.

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