No matter what sided your love might be, one cannot change the fact that no love story lasts forever. There is no such thing as true love in this ruthless world. Love is something which one can’t explain and if there is someone who can explain true love, then that person is far away from knowing the true meaning behind it. So before we get to the conclusion, try to open your eyes from the love which is keeping you blindfolded from seeing the truth as the chances for you to do so is less than 1%.

For those who are still in the hope of getting reunited with their one-sided love, here is a free advice for you. Stop living your life in a false hope. Yes, the truth may be a hard bone for you to swallow at first but once you do that, it becomes much easier for you to digest all the lies that you have been keeping inside your stomach for so long. After all, lie stinks. So better to let it out now only than to keep it inside your body and let it rot like garbage. The choice is yours.

Whenever your love is one-sided, it is only one side of the coin that you are looking into. You forget that you have got a side of yours as well that you need to look after. Because of this condition of yours, everything about you starts to become about the person that you have fallen for. The word “ I ” does not exist in your dictionary anymore as it has been replaced by either “ him ” or “ her “. So the first thing for you to know is that you really can’t love others if you don’t know how to love yourself as everything starts with you only. Even in this one-sided love case, you were the one who started it first. So why are you lamenting and blaming others for your suffering now?

I am not saying there is something wrong in being a lover of a one-sided love story. But it eventually starts to take a bad shape when you lose the power to differentiate between what is right and what to call wrong that is happening right in front of your eyes. That’s the problem of being in a one-sided relationship because everything about this love becomes one-sided. It may be the fault of the partner that you have fallen for but you are still going to find yourself guilty for something that you have not even committed. The reason for it is simply because you can’t accept the simple fact about your love partner being wronged for some nasty horrible mistake that he/she has committed as you have already created an irreplaceable good image about your love partner that is worth taking all the blames for it. Is not it?

When you are in some kind of deep shit such as love, even the fart from the person that you are mostly infatuated with is going to smell to you as the scent from attar that you can easily rub to your face and smile about. It’s because not only you have been blinded by your love totally but you have also lost the power over all of your senses, making you accept something that is less than horrible. You say you are deeply in love but you don’t know what to look for in someone that you are so much passionate about. There is something called quality that every person in this world possesses but you have stopped caring about such things as all your energy has been focused on obtaining someone who does not want to know either you or your love. Nobody but you are the ones that should be blamed for wasting all your time and effort for someone who has got no value for your love.

Now, be ready to bear with the burden of rejection and at worst, don’t start thinking about the ways to destroy your precious life in the worst way possible for the sake of your fantasy world as your desire to see the love of your life feel the same pain as yours will force you in changing yourself to something pathetic that even a dog would not be interested to look at. Mainly, after rejection, the lovers are more often driven to choose a wrong path that mostly leads to the downfall of their career, changing their life to complete hell. They become irresponsible and leave their studies, their work, their circle of goods friends and family too. To top it off, they start to take drugs, consume alcohol, smoke 2-3 packet of cigarettes per day. They do so to appear in front of everybody more like an untamed bull that has got no willpower over his actions, no ambition to run for and no hope to cling to. What they are really trying to show us how weak and breakable they are and how irresponsible they can really be by destroying their true self as they don’t have the guts to gather the shattered shreds of their broken heart and meld it more strongly than ever before.

In any one-sided love story, the biggest mistake that a lover always does is try to prove his self-centered point that their love is unique, unquestionable and out of this world. As a proof, they start using their unused useless brains and involve in some stupid acts such as slitting their wrist and writing a love letter to their darlings with their own blood just to show how mad and crazy they are in their world of love. But what they don’t realize is love never demands blood. By doing so, the only thing that they will be proving is how stupid and psycho they are and it is best for others to avoid such lovers who have got no respect for their lives that was bestowed to them by God for the greater good. After all, people are responsible for their own suffering as they are in control of their own lives. If they say they can’t stop thinking about somebody, then that’s definitely not other’s problems to deal for them since it comes under self-created problems.

May your love be one-sided or both-sided, in case if it is either accepted or rejected, try to take every love experience as a good thing that has happened to your life as everything happens for a reason. Love is not just about acceptance or rejection. It’s mostly about the journey that you take to understand the true meaning behind it. If somebody has dumped you, I can understand your pain but that does not mean you got to learn nothing out of it. Am I Right? By being a passenger of a one-sided love train, you got to experience the pleasure as well as the pain that one has to go through before reaching his final destination. But this is just one platform. So why the hurry?

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