The Shadow of the Moon Demon

Thousand years ago, a devastating war broke out between the light and dark forces for the possession of two power stones- The Hell Stone & The Heaven Stone. The Hell Stone was the Moon’s heart while The Heaven Stone was the heart for the Sun. Before the beginning of time, the Creator of the vast Universe had chosen two separate beings, Dragon and Phoenix, as the guardian for these two stones.

With time, the war grew so intense, humans were forced to leave their surface world and crawl to underground dungeons for survival. In the end, gods succumbed upon using the enormous power of the mighty Sun to annihilate the Moon from existence. With the destruction of the Moon, victory became theirs but at a price- they lost those stones forever. At the same time, both Dragon and Phoenix vanished from reality.

A Millennium Later…In the Present Time…

The Earth is in ruins. The Red Sun is slowly dying. The pieces of the Moon are still visible in the night sky. Due to the fear of demons, humankind has completely stopped visiting the surface world and are still living inside the underground caves.

When an ordinary-looking girl named Mika of the Behemoth Cave escapes into the surface world, her life takes a drastic turn. Seems like every force of the Cosmos wants her dead for some reason. During her journey, she finds out that she is not the only one with a darker past.

As the secrets of the history gradually unfold, she realizes that the hunt for the Hell and Heaven stones is still on. However, her destiny lies in freeing The Chosen One. Before time runs out, she must find Dragon and Pheonix at any cost or else, this could be the end for all creation.