A Millennium ago, a great war broke out between gods and demons to decide for the rightful ruler of all three realms. Earth became their battlefield. For protections, humans moved into dungeons for survival.

In the same era, a magician with a personal vendetta against gods and demons was doing his best to revive a cursed stone from its sleep. If awakened, it could grant him with unimaginable powers beyond any supernatural being. But before he could bring it back to life, he lost it.

To win this war, gods succumbed on using the enormous power of the mighty sun to annihilate the moon completely. With the destruction of the moon, victory became theirs but at a cost.

At present…

The sun is on the verge of dying. The pieces of the moon is still visible in the night sky. Due to fear of demons, people have stopped visiting surface world completely. They live as a colony in underground caves.

A magician named Charles has brought his little girl Mika inside Behemoth cave to live a normal life. He is hiding a dark secret from her. One day, he disappears from her life but leaves a red shard and a precious blade for her to keep.

Meanwhile, both gods and demons are hell-bent on finding the reincarnation of the goddess Phoenix who might be the last hope in saving the dying sun. Not to mention, they are also after the cursed stone which the mage had lost in the great war. Somehow, Mika is involved in all of this. She is a missing piece of the puzzle.

Will she be able to unravel the sands of time and discover the hidden truth about herself before it’s too late? How is she related to all of this?

Time to find out.

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