People who are Ill-Hearted

Ill-Hearted people are unkind people whose minds are filled with only bad motives. They can never bring any happiness or joy in your life or anybody else’s lives as they are full of negative energy. Such people get pleasure in the suffering of others. They may look nice from outside but their heart is going to be as cold as ice. They never back out in saying bad things about others. No matter where you meet them, you shall always find these people talking only ill things. They are dominating in nature too. All they desire from you is to see you below them. These people always want their life partner to have a low status than theirs. In order to keep it that way, they will take control over most of the financial matters of your life as it shall help him/her to keep you in check and below their knees for the rest of your life. For them, you are just a slave and nothing more. They also desire to be praised by others, that’s why they will always talk highly about themselves as if they were the creator of the world. If you like being a beggar, you are welcome to choose such people as your life partner.

People who are Selfish

Selfish people can never be your true life partner as such people will give more priority to their happiness rather than yours. For them, you are just a stair which they can use to reach higher, nearer to their ambition. These people can never see you being together with either your friends or your family members as they want all and everything about you for themselves only. They don’t feel joy in sharing you with others so they will do whatever it takes to break you and your family apart. Even in the case of an emergency, such people will never be willing to spend even a penny from their pocket for the welfare of others as such people are cheap and ruthless. For them, everything about them becomes related to their comfort zone. They don’t care if anybody is going to suffer because of their self-centered act. Once they want something, they will do anything to get it, even if it means to hurt you.

For example: Once, when I was in Nepal, my family members wanted to go to the airport with me to bid me goodbye. So I called my ex to let her know that I will be going with my family to the airport and not with her. When she heard this, she started crying on the phone and cut the line without saying a word. That day, I called her many times but she did not pick up the phone. This got me worried about her as nobody likes hearing one’s girlfriend crying on the phone. After calling her for like an hour, she finally picked it up. When I asked the reason for her crying, she told me that she felt bad in knowing that it was my family who was going with me to the airport and not her.

To be frank, my ex-was a selfish person. I was in a rush hour at that moment. Instead of trying to understand my situation and know how I felt, she got selfish and ended up in making me worried for her instead. The way she ignored my calls clearly shows how ruthless a person can be. Also, the way she wanted to go to the airport with me clearly implies that she had no respect for my family’s feelings. More than that, she did not care to think about my feelings at all. If I had gone with her that day instead of my family, my parents would have felt bad and eventually, I would have felt bad too. A good girlfriend would have realized that and tried to be more understanding and calm in such situations rather than committing unnecessary silly acts and drama in pressurizing someone in the name of love.

People who are Suspicious and Have Insecurity Issues

If you are going to get married to such people, your life is going to be worse than hell as such people clearly suffer from trust issues regarding your personal life. No matter how loyal and honest you might be, your spouse is never going to believe you for anything that you say to them. For them, everything is related to your timing. You will never be able to keep such people at ease as they will never listen to you or try to understand what you are going through in the first place. Because of this insecurity of your life partner, either you will end up engaging in a fight with them or you might just start lying to your spouse, to escape from the radar of their suspicion. In case if such partner of yours got to find out about the fact that you were lying to him/her, even though you may have spoken a lie just to prevent an unwanted fight from taking place, their doubts about you is going to get even more stronger than ever. With no fault of yours, they will end up assuming that you are having an affair with some other girl or a man. On the worst side, you have turned out to be a liar as you have succumbed to the way of lying because of the presence and continuous nagging of such people. For your simplicity, just know that trust can’t exist without love. So don’t get married to such people.

People who are Possessive

Possessive people are mentally unstable people as every emotional act of theirs is going to be related with you only. They are like a sticky magnet which you won’t be able to get rid of from your arse. Such people will keep a tab about each and everything and will always be ready to throw piles and piles of questions at you. Some of those questions might be, for example- ‘What was the time when you woke up today? At what time did you poop? Where were you today? Whom did you meet yesterday? Why did you talk to that guy/girl?’ and many more.

With such life partner by your side, you are bound to lose control over your personal life as s/he shall be keeping an eye on each and every move that you are going to make in your day to day life. If you love your freedom even for a bit, it’s better you stay away from such people for your own good. After all, you want a life partner, not a hungry shark which is always ready to strike you. Also, you can’t ignore the fact that such people are always eager to prove their love for you. In order to achieve this, they may go to any lengths, even if it means giving their life or taking someone’s else life in the process. Believe me! You don’t want to be involved in all of this.

People with No Self-Realization

There are people who learn from their mistakes and there are those who don’t. People with self-realization will never repeat the same mistake again. However, I cannot tell you the same thing about those people with no self-realization as such people are bound to commit the same mistake again and again. You can find these sort of people suffering most from some kind of financial crisis. There is not a single day when these people are not in trouble. The life of such people gets stuck in some kind of loophole from which there is no escape. These people don’t like taking any suggestion or advice from others. Even if you get married to such people, you can feel pity for them but you won’t be able to help them as they are sure to fall in the same trap of their life once more. You may be able to save them once or twice but you won’t be able to save them forever. You can save the troubled people, not the one who goes in search of trouble all by himself/herself. These people lack vision regarding the future. Since they are so much carefree about the future, these people don’t stop to worry about the consequences that are going to take place in others’ lives because of their actions. Hence, history repeats again.

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