These days, there is not a single person in this world who has not heard of the word ‘Marijuana’. Depending upon the perspective of the people, it can be categorized as both good and bad but the fact is nobody has ever tried to find out about the myths regarding Marijuana in detail. Even the users of it are not aware of what they are actually taking inside their lungs in the first place. One follows the other and the chain reaction continues to go on and on. So try to figure out the truth about it first before becoming a user because once you start using it, you are bound to completely lose yourself in the misconceptions regarding it.

As a Medicine

There are many users around the world who tend to use Marijuana, thinking of it more as a medicine instead of a drug. No matter what Marijuana users may tell you, never believe them entirely. According to a research, it has been found that it consists of more than 400 chemicals, out of which only one chemical i.e. CBD can be categorized as a substance bearing medicinal properties. Other than that, it consists of the chemical known as THC that causes intoxication in users. Based on the high THC levels present on Marijuana, it has been branded as a drug.

Every drug works as a medicine until the time when you use it in a limited amount. Once you lose control over it, it takes control over your life. So use everything wisely and carefully. Just because of its one good aspect, you just can’t ignore the 399 other bad and harmful aspects of it that you still are not aware of. Think about that.

As a Stress Reliever

If you think Marijuana helps in depleting your stress, then either you are dumb or you are high. The only thing that can truly relieve you from your stress is your will. If you can’t, then nobody can. Marijuana can only make you high. It can’t help you get over your problems. Stop making it as an excuse to escape from your problems. There is no person in this world with no problem in his life so better stop acting like a baby and get ready to start taking everything and anything as a man. The choice is solely yours.

Before Marijuana, people used to have alcohol as a stress reliever. Look what alcohol has done to people now. The more you consume it, the more addicted you become. It makes you act more like an animal rather than a human being. Alcohol is no different than Marijuana. The only difference is that alcohol contains ethanol whereas Marijuana consists of THC. Both works in the same way as it creates addiction and dependency in your life that you can never get rid of.

Alternative to Cigarettes

First of all, smoking cigarette itself is a bad habit. If you are comparing something with a cigarette, how can it be any good than you were already using before? There are many people around the world who make use of Marijuana to get rid of their smoking habit. For those who may not know, Marijuana too consists of cancer-causing substances that are harmful for your bodies. Smoking a joint is more severe than smoking 4 to 5 cigarettes a day. If you want to stop smoking, try the alternative of changing your bad habit to good instead of replacing one cigarette brand with another. That might help you.

In order to get more kick from Marijuana, the users of it inhale more smoke inside their lungs and try to hold it for a longer period of time as much as possible. Compared to smoking cigarettes, such activity causes a severe and long-lasting impact on lungs that may result in some serious health-related problems.


  1. Good to read a young person’s assessment of the folly of marijuana. Too many young discounts the advice of elders who know the folly of marijuana in youth.

    If you are sick and dying and it helps you relieve the suffering of a painful death, it may be wise according to this King Solomon proverb.

    Let beer be for those who are perishing, wine for those who are in anguish! (Proverb 31:6)

    Otherwise, all marijuana does is hasten death as explained in this proverb.

    or they will prolong your life many years and bring you peace and prosperity (Proverb 3:2)

    Enjoy life.

    Regards and good will blogging.

    1. Thanking so much much for sharing such a beautiful proverb and how beautifully you crafted it
      ” Too many young discounts the advice of elders who know the folly of marijuana in youth”.
      I highly appreciate your comments.

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