In today’s generation, it does not seem like a new thing for a girl to share her nude pictures with her boyfriend. After all, it’s the 21st Century. With all the new gadgets and latest technology in place, one can’t resist the urge for exploring the sexuality of another being that an individual knows nothing about. Yet there are times when a person gets to realize he/she has been betrayed in their relationship and they break apart. It is only then that these victims get to find out about the true nature of their partner that they had never hoped to see before in their lifetime.

If you are a victim of a situation where you are being blackmailed by your ex for your private pictures and is threatening you of leaking these pictures of yours online or in any social media, here are some measures that you can take to tackle in such situation.

Stay Calm and Focused

First of all, the most important thing for you to do in such a situation would be to maintain your calmness as much as possible and try to take this problem in a very light way. The reason I am telling you this is because a fearful mind will never be able to help you escape from such situation. Only way to get out of this problem is through smartness and strategy. Think of it more like a game. By doing so, you will be able to focus your energy on winning rather than becoming depressed and thinking of some stupid ideas that may put you into some more trouble than you already are right now.


Now, the second thing that you need to do in such situation is to try to find out and make sure whether or not your ex has got your nude photos with him for real. The only way to do so is to try to persuade him in sending all of your nude photos and videos that he has got hold of. But beware since it is not going to be an easy thing to do as this surely is going to tip off an alarm in the mind of your ex, raising a question of why you need him to send your photos/videos to you in the first place. In such scenario, just tell him you need to be sure what you are being blackmailed for; tell him that you need those photos as proofs to make you believe that he still has got the hold of your private photos/videos.

There is a reason behind taking this risky step. The chances are that your ex might not possess those nude photos/videos of yours anymore. Maybe he himself deleted those pictures of yours a long time ago. Your ex is aware of what you fear the most. So it might be that he is just trying to take the advantage of that fear of yours; in reality, he might have nothing of yours to blackmail you for. This is the reason why you need to cross check your ex for his claims.

Also, the other reason for you to do so is to check if your face is recognizable in those photos/videos or not. In case if your face is not recognizable, then your problem is solved. In such scenario, even if your ex happens to circulate these private photos/videos of yours in the social media or any other site, you can simply ignore this matter just by denying the fact that the person in the photo is not you but someone else.


If your ex is blackmailing you for your nude photos, there must be something that he desperately wants from you in return. Every blackmailer has a hidden motive for his action. Try to figure out that motive first. Maybe your ex wants to extort money out of you or wants to have one night stand with you once again in exchange of your private photos/videos. Depending upon the motive, it would be easier for you to lay down your trap to catch him and to put him behind bars for good. No matter what happens, never ever give in to the demands of such rascals because once you do that, you are bound to be enslaved by such people for the rest of your life.


To be on the safe side, try to find the recent photos of your ex so that you can hand it over to the police when the right moment comes. The chances are that he might have deactivated all of his social media accounts. If that happens, try to go with the culprit friend’s social media accounts as they are sure to keep it with them publicly.

The other thing that you can probably do is to collect as much information as you can get about the blackmailer such as his permanent address, mobile number, bank account details, etc. as all these details shall come handy in apprehending the culprit. With all of this information, you not only be able to destroy his career but it will also aid in catching the blackmailer for good.

Game Changer

Since this is a game of fear, try to find out the thing that your blackmailer fears the most. This strategy would be like using his own weapon to defeat himself. If you know your ex, you know about his fears and weaknesses as well. Try to take the advantage of this fear of his and destroy him completely. But remember, it’s a two-edged sword. Either your plan works or it misfires. For this plan to work, you need to make up your mind to accept all the consequences. No risk, no gain.

Always remember, the only reason that your blackmailer is able to blackmail you is that of your fear. If you get strong enough to fight your fears and stand your ground, I am sure for the culprit to fall in your feet and beg for mercy. You fear because you see yourself as guilty. Get rid of this misconception from your mind and you will start to feel lighter than ever. We all are born naked. There is no shame in that. Stop thinking from other’s mind. Make up your own mind.


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