Whenever love happens, one loses the ability to differentiate between what is right and what is wrong. The person who has been betrayed in their first love story may end up getting cheated in their second love story as well. The reason is simply that your opposite partner was far smarter and better at deceiving your instincts. You were no match for him/her to begin with. The other reason is simply that you were careless, ignorant and negligence about the person who you were falling in love with.

Some love stories are not meant to be and if they do happen, it is never going to have a happy ending. Whenever you are with the wrong person that is not meant for you to fall in love with, your body gives you a signal to back out and take another way. But people are so stupid being, they end up doing the exact opposite thing as common sense is not applicable in the matter of love. When it comes to love, people like being stupid because smart people will never do the mistake of falling in love with a wrong partner who can ruin your life completely. Let’s begin the list of such people of whom you should always fear and never engage in the relationship with, no matter what the goodies that you might see in front of you.

Never fall in love with such people who have got a tendency to lie about each and everything. A lie is just an excuse for such people who use it as an escape portal to run away from all the problems that you are going to place in front of them as they don’t want to face these problems at all. Such people are always going to lie about almost anything, including their past relationship with other people, their habits, their nature, and their affairs. In the worst scenario, they might be having another partner beside you of whom you might know nothing about. If your partner truly loves you, no matter how hurtful the truth might be, that person will tell you the truth without caring about the consequence of it as he does not want you to hear this horrific truth about him from somebody else’s mouth. An honest person hates hearing lies as well.

For example, I met a girl in my life who told me she was suffering from blood cancer. Not only me but also a friend of mine met a guy who told her the same thing. In my case, I did not take it seriously as I knew it from the beginning that my ex-was telling a lie. But in the case of my friend, it was a lot worse as she believed this guy, making her cry and feel sorry for such a loser. But don’t worry. My friend was smart enough so she dumped this guy after finding the truth about him. Always remember, you can’t spend your life with a lie so better keep your distance from such people.

In reality, there are worst people out there than liars that you need to fear for. For instance, never ever fall in the trap of love with such people who always try to gain sympathy out of you. Such people are far more dangerous than a venomous snake and smarter than a fox. People with such mentality will always try to make you feel bad about yourself by exaggerating their problems in the worst way possible. In reality, their problems never took place like they were telling you in the first place. They will just create a problem of their own and make it up to look like a big problem just to make you feel sorry for them as they are the sucker for such things. Such people don’t have the guts and the strength to fight for their love head on so instead, they will use the weapon of sympathy on you to force you to surrender yourself into their feet as it will be a lot easier that way. Even if you fall in love with such kind of people, it will be out of pity and not love.

Let me show you how this game of sympathy actually works. I had an ex who always used to tell me how badly her parents used to treat her. Whenever she used to call me, she used to cry first before the conversation between me and she had even started. There was not a single day when she would not cry. She used to tell me that her parents discriminated against her and loved her brother more than her. At first, I too thought she was telling me the truth. So I started feeling sorry for her just like she wanted me to and as my human nature insisted, I comforted her to make her feel more alive. But later on, I got to find out about the real truth from her brother that kept me stunned. In reality, it was nothing like that. Her parents loved her the same way they loved her brother. It was all in her head. Such people are mentally sick so stop pitying such people and move on with your life.

The one I am about to tell you now is the worst of them all. Never ever dare to fall in love with such people who tell you that they will die for you if they are not going to get your love and be together with you forever. If you find such people, let them die but don’t fall for such people because your life is worth than theirs. The reason I am telling you this is because such people are not willing to die for you at all but just want to keep you under their control and enormous pressure. Also, the only reason you will be trying to work out your chemistry with such people is going to be out of fear of their death and not love. Nobody in this world would want to be held responsible for anybody’s death. Am I right? So due to this reason, just to see them alive and not dead, even if you might not be interested in such people, you would start talking to them and do anything that they will tell you to do as you don’t want to be held responsible and feel guilty for their death in case they literally end up dying for you. Think about yourself.

Suppose, a girl threatens you of drinking a full bottle of poison in case you don’t marry her. Even if you are not interested in that girl, will you still marry her? In this context, this is no different than blackmailing. You might be thinking that the girl is the victim in all this but it’s just the opposite. What you can’t see is the fact that you are the one who is at the gunpoint and she is the one holding the trigger of your fate in her hands. All this has happened because you have let your fear rule over your decision. So be strong. Don’t kneel over what is wrong. All people are responsible for their own decisions so if somebody wants to die, let them die. Don’t think about ruining your life in fear of somebody’s death as it would not be less than sentencing yourself a death wish. Love is not a compromise. It’s more about understanding and strength. Only weak and pathetic people will say such things. A strong person will always know the worth of his life as well as others too. After all, you can’t both love and live in fear.

At the end of this article, the one thing that does not change is the fact that you are in control of your own life. So if you want to, you can still make that change happen and make your life a lot better than before. Love is not bad, people are. If you are weak, don’t give an excuse for your weakness. Try to become stronger instead. I am not saying everybody needs to be perfect but people must have the mentality to evolve and take themselves to another level. Nobody should ever give up on trying becoming good each and every day and they must always try harder to keep it that way. It takes the contribution of both you and your partner to make the magic of love work. So try to find a compatible partner that matches with your personality. Be calm and take your time. When the right moment comes, not you but your true love shall find you. Till then, don’t give up on trying.

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