Things To Keep In Mind When You Depart For Bangalore

Life can become a little hard when you move into a new place that is completely unknown to you. I belong to Nepal, a country filled with lustful beauty and breathtaking scenarios. Currently, due to my own personal and somehow unnatural reasons, I have been forced to live in an overseas country far away from my homeland. To be specific, I am in India, currently living in the city of Bangalore. Living in a place away from your homeland can be both exciting, at the same moment, terrifying too. With a new place comes new challenges which one cannot ignore….

Ten Astonishing Facts About The Greek God Zeus and Hindu Deity Indra

From time and again, humans have tried to establish a strong connection between ancient Greece and Hindu civilization. On doing so, it was found that most of these Greek gods from history shared the same traits and characteristics similar to the deities in Hindu mythology. Since both civilizations are billion years old, it would be impossible for anyone to uncover the whole truth regarding the link and correlation between these two great advancements. Surprisingly, Zeus and Indra are the most ancient and powerful godly figures that shall stand as a stronghold in establishing an interconnection between these two vast and…