Life can become a little hard when you move into a new place that is completely unknown to you. I belong to Nepal, a country filled with lustful beauty and breathtaking scenarios. Currently, due to my own personal and somehow unnatural reasons, I have been forced to live in an overseas country far away from my homeland. To be specific, I am in India, currently living in the city of Bangalore.

Living in a place away from your homeland can be both exciting, at the same moment, terrifying too. With a new place comes new challenges which one cannot ignore. At first, it might seem hard for you to face such obstructions occurring in your day to day life but later, you start to get the hang of it and realize life is not all that bad. I would like to elaborate with some of the difficulties and challenges that you might face while coming in contact with this hi-tech city of Bangalore and how to tackle with those problems that you might have to go through in this vast city.

The first and the biggest problem that you are going to face after moving to this city is of language. When I say the language problem, I am not talking about the communication problem. Out of 100, more than 95% of educated people live in here. So the problem is definitely not related to communication. The kind of problem which I am talking about is of the troubles that you might get into for not knowing the local language which is famously spoken in most of the areas of this city. Because of your accent, there is a high chance of you falling into the target zone of the auto drivers who are always eager to manipulate you and make more money from you as much as possible. So be aware.No matter what you do, never ever think of getting inside an auto for a ride. Book a cab instead. Better option than this would be to use public transport as they are fast and reliable.

The second problem that you might face here would probably be about finding a place to crash into and spend your night. For that problem of yours, here is a simple solution to it. Just surf the Internet and download some hotel applications such as OYO, Make My Trip, etc that shall provide you with some info regarding the hotel charges. For your convenience, it’s better to book a hotel room nearest to the airport in advance. In case you find the hotel charges a little too expensive, just change your hotel or find a cheaper lodge for yourself on the next following day in a different location depending on your afford level.

After completing these basic tasks, the next tough thing you might need to do would be to get a mobile SIM card from any nearby mobile retail store that you can find ASAP. When you are traveling to a different city apart from your hometown, communication becomes a necessity. For that, just go to a well known mobile showroom who are the dealers of some reputed mobile company brands such as IDEA, TATA DOCOMO, AIRCEL, AIRTEL, etc. Just go there and apply for a SIM card using your passport or some kind of your ID like your driving license. It might take 2-3 days to get your brand new SIM card.

In case you want to minimize your traveling cost while you are in Bangalore, I suggest you to start using bus facilities more often as they are rather cheap and less expensive. In Bangalore, more than 70% population of this city prefers to use bus compared to other modes of transportation. In case you are searching for something that can travel fast, you can’t miss metro trains. However, the construction of the metro railway network is still incomplete and the progress work is still being carried out by the government for its completion.

Each year, people from different places migrate to Bangalore and settle down in here. They move in here either for work or for educational purpose and extend their stay for around four to five years or maybe more. If you also fall under this category, here are some tips to ease your problems a little bit and help you in settling down in Bangalore with less trouble as I am pretty sure you are going to face it in the future in case you happen to be an outsider just like me.

If you are planning to do so, there are two ways for you to do it. One way to do so is to live in a PG. In Bangalore, you can find affordable PG’s made for both girls and boys. The deposit amount for such PG ranges from IRS.2500-5000 depending upon the locality where you will be relocating, with monthly average rent starting from IRS.4000/- excluding food and IRS.5000/- including food.

The good thing about PG is they are cheap and affordable. Now comes the hard part. In PG, depending on how many people are going to share the same room, these rooms are mostly labeled as 2-Share,3-Share and 4-Share rooms. Now, the harsh reality you need to face is the room size that remains the same for all these rooms. The only thing that you are going to find different in all these rooms is going to be the number of beds and the price range depending on the room that you plan to shift into. For example, if you are planning to live in a 2-Share room, it will have two beds with a price of IRS.4000/- for you to pay for your bed and stay. Similarly, a 3-Share Room will consist of 3 beds with a price of IRS.3500/- for you to pay for your bed and stay.

Privacy is not something that you can afford in a PG life. Everything that you possess, including your very most private conversation and your personal belongings that you are very fond of, gets shared inside the PG room, willingly or unwillingly. In the worst case, your valuable belongings might get stolen too as most of these PGs are not well equipped with a separate locker. In case you have included food with your stays, you might regret it later as it is not going to be as tastier as you used to have in your home. Even if you have optioned out for food, it might result in some kind of health issues later on as the street food or any other food that you are going to have or bring from outside inside your PG room is not going to be a healthier choice.

The second option is definitely to get a room in Bangalore but it’s not that simple. First of all, even a 1 RK (1 Room with Kitchen Attached) Room demands a minimum deposit amount of around IRS.20000-40000, depending upon if the room is unfurnished,semi-furnished or fully furnished, with monthly rent ranging from IRS.2500-4500 in average. To be on the safer side, never hand over your deposit money to the house owner unless the rent agreement papers have been signed by the house owner right in front of your eyes. Remember, when it comes to money, you can’t even trust your own father.

Getting a room in Bangalore is not a problem. The problem arises once you get the room as the house owner starts creating the fuss over very small matters. You may compromise for some time. Later on, they literally start to become the headache of your lifetime. That’s why always try to find a room in such a building whose house owner lives somewhere else, far away from where your room is located. By doing so, you get to have your privacy as well as peace in your everyday life.

To protect you furthermore, let me give you a free advice. When it comes to your deposit money, never trust your house owner with it. When the time shall come for you to leave Bangalore and return to your hometown, there is no guarantee if your house owner will hand over that deposit money of yours in your hand as they usually don’t like returning it back. So to protect yourself from such fraudulent acts, this is what you can do. Instead of paying rent time to time, you can just inform your house owner to start deducting the rent money from your deposit amount five to six months before your deadline.

No matter where you travel to, you just can’t stop living your life. Traveling is a necessity in a person’s life. May it is for work or for pleasure or any other reason that you can possibly think of, humans can’t control themselves from traveling to a new place and experience a life that is completely alien to them. I hope my writing would be of some help in making your journey more productive and pleasurable.

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